A beach wedding at Meganisi

All in all, a wonderful, memorable day!”

An August wedding in Agios Ioannis beach for Georgina and Andrew from England with a cruise aboard the MS Christina sailing boat.

The guests enjoyed a leisurely start to the day with a morning swimming cruise on board the boat which made the day extra special and gave the guests the opportunity to see more of the beautiful scenery and the off shore islands. At lunchtime everyone went back to their accommodation to enjoy a siesta and get dressed for the most important part of the day later in the evening.

The light evenings in late August made a pleasant cruise to the beach of Agios Ioannis on the West coast of Meganisi island whilst the guests enjoyed drinks and canapes.

The beach was set up with a decorated pergola and the purple colour that the couple had chosen blended perfectly with the wild flower themed bouquet and decorations.

The ceremony was followed by photographs on the beach with their family and friends before boarding the MS Christina to cruise around into Vlyho Bay to the Seaside Restaurant.

Here a wedding dinner of favourite Greek foods awaited the guests and they were entertained by Greek dancers in traditional Lefkadian costumes.

Venue: Agios Ioannis, Meganisi and Seaside Restaurant, Geni

Photography: V&A Giotopoulos

Private boat charter: MS Christina

Arrangements by Claire @ Lefkas Weddings



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